Types of Dental Treats for Your Dog

Keeping your dog's dental health in check contributes to its overall wellness. A dog with weak teeth might require being on a special diet of soft foods to keep it comfortable, and this is not how it's supposed to be. Again, a dog with bad breath is not comfortable being around and that is usually a sign of oral disease. If your dog develops plaque and the plaque is not managed well, its teeth can decay leading to the loss of teeth and the need for special diets. Therefore you need to take care of your dog's oral health properly.

There are two ways to take care of your dog's oral health; by brushing their teeth and using treats. Brushing teeth can be uncomfortable for many of them, and the task can be challenging to keep up with due to the struggles. This leaves dental treats as the only option that creates a win-win situation for all dog owners and their pets. However, even as you use treats more often, make sure you make a point of brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week. View
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A dog requires dental treats for two reasons; strong teeth and fresh breath, and this is important to keep your canine healthy and happy. This means that there are two categories of dental treats for your dog. To keep your dog's teeth strong, you will require giving it hard and crunchy foods at least once a day. Hard foods help to strengthen and sharpen your dog's teeth. Examples of items you can utilize for this purpose are; apples, bones, raw hides, chewy treats, and gourmet treats.

Apples are excellent because they are crunchy and they provide a fresh breath and nutrients at the same time. Bones are a classic option since time immemorial, and they need to be of the right size and texture to avoid cracking and doing damage to your dog like bruising its mouth. Also, avoid giving young dogs bones that are too strong for their teeth because they can break their teeth. Chewy treats are good because they are safe, but they are not as tasty as real bones. Gourmet treats contain natural ingredients and nutrients like calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones. View

To keep your dog's breath fresh with dental treats, you may use chewy treats and mint treats or bad breath busters or fresh breath treats. Chewy treats facilitate the sufficient production of saliva in a dog's mouth that helps to wash away bacteria which causes plaque. Mint treat, bad breath busters, and fresh breath treats are ideal to give your dog a clean mouth and fresh breath. They can be homemade or bought from the shops, and they contain ingredients that dogs love. View